Hajarah's Story - How weaving baskets has changed my family's story

Hajarah's Story - How weaving baskets has changed my family's story

 Since Hajarah learnt how to weave baskets her life has changed. By learning a new skill she has been empowered to escape the trap of poverty. 

We've loved watching Hajarah work hard, patiently save for food, then school fees and then a cow for her family. We've watched her grow in strength and health and her family with her. 

We can't wait to see what comes in the next chapter!

Hajarah's story in her own words:

Words are not enough for me to express how happy I am. Weaving baskets has become my source of income. 

I used to work in a stone quarry, crushing rocks, sat on the ground in the hot sun with fragments going in my eyes but now I can work where I am comfy. My health is improved and my skin is glowing. I have even put on weight, before I was so skinny!

I used to earn 1000-3000sh a day (20-60p) but now I can make up to 40,000sh per day (around £8 - considered a living wage in Uganda). 

From this I can buy food in bulk and no longer struggle to feed my household.

I can also now pay for my son's school fees upfront.

I really thank God for the weaving work. I have even been able to save and buy a cow which will give my family milk and some to sell too. 

I am so glad to say that I no longer live in lack! 


What an amazing story! We love to hear of the difference your purchases are making. We hope to be able to support more and more artisans like Hajarah over the year and see them flourishing. 

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